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So for the last 3 years I have been feeling a calling to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada on the West Coast of the United States of America. In September of 2010, I met someone while working on the National Geographic Sea Bird who had the same desire I had. We started to talk about thru hiking the PCT together. For her, she needed to get to some personal goals in life by April 2012 in order to hike. For me, I have the free time. I just finished working on a cruise boat and have no obligations at home, so it is open for me to be gone for 6 months. I've spent lots of time planning this hike out and now that the time is here, she is unable to join me. This is something I have wanted for so long, and have the open time in my life to do, so nothing will keep me from this.

Starting on April 6th, 2012, my parents and I will be driving down to San Fransisco for the Easter holiday. On April 9th, we will drive to San Deigo, then on April 10th, they will drop me off at the starting point in Campo, CA. I've been able to purchase 9 out of the 10 maps that cover the entire trail and have been going over them to determine food drops and where I will be able to resupply on the trail. I am still looking to get the northern most section of California to complete my maps. With a very wonderful christmas gift, I have been able to purchase a satelite phone that I will carry with me to keep my parents updated, as well as Corley, the fantastic girl I have been dating. I've got a tiny AT&T phone that will be able to get service many times through out the trail. I'll ask anyone I am able to call to make small updates while I am gone online, to keep anyone who is interested in following my hike updated. I've got a Solio Solar Panel to charge my phones and camera and light. Those are the three electronics I will carry with me on the hike.

For sleeping, I have got a Hennessey Hammock that I will use. I can tie it up between two tree for the night. I will be off the ground and sleeping in my sleeping bag with a foam pad for some added insulation. On the nights there at no trees around, I will sleep on the ground under the stars. The tent has a great tarp that I can set up to keep me dry in any situation.

I'll be carrying along a small stove with some butane fuel to boil water for any food that I need to soak. This will most likely be the toughest thing to resupply, because the canister is not one I can fill up, I'll have to purchase entire new can's of fuel to resupply. But most of my food will be instant, and I am sure I will be more than happy to eat cold food rather than hot food. I'll be in the middle of the mountains, food of any sort will be delicious! For water, I have a pump filtration system, which I will also carry some coffee filters to add some filtration and to help keep the filter from needing to be replaced as often. I've also got some purification drops to help fight off any bacteria that could pass through the filter. While in southern California, until I am through the Mojave Desert, I will carry 6 liters of water, which is about 13 pounds of added weight, but there will be sections that I really need that water.

So these are most of the things that I will be carrying with me. A few other little things. I've got a Leatherman Wave which will help me with any little job I need. I'll also have my emergency kit filled with lots of first aid supplies. I'll have my compass for use with my maps and in case I get a little lost. I've got a go Pro camera that will be used all the time, but has no screen to look back at pictures. I may not look back over my pictures until I am home. If all goes as planned, I will be home by the middle of October! I'll keep updating this until I head out!

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